St. Petersburg
Pargolovo | Adolf’s Crypt, St. Peter and Paul Church

This was all once part of the Shuvalovs’ estate just north of St. Petersburg. At some point after the revolution, it was occupied by the Institute of High Frequency Studies, which turned the church into a laboratory. The Institute abandoned the lab in the late 80’s, leaving it to fall (rather quickly) into ruin. But in the 90’s it returned to church hands, and its members have since made considerable progress in restoring it. The interior, at least, is now completely finished; a wonderful, carved “gothic” iconostas was installed in August 2004. I can also add that one of the priests, Father Konstantin, is a remarkably pleasant person and even speaks good English. I had my wedding there, in fact :-)

Adolf was the husband of one of the Shuvalov ladies.