Statler Hilton
Starting about 10 years after its opening, the hotel was subjected to a series of dubious renovations, architectural tummy tucks and brow lifts to keep an aging star looking trendy. Functional modern gave way to “the warmth and grace of traditional decor” in the 1960’s, to “the warmth of the opulent gaslight era projected against a contemporary setting” in the 70’s, to general “updating” in the 80’s, all eventually leaving the building a confused and unusual looking hodgepodge of various cosmetic treatments.

The staircases, though, were largely left alone, and still retain their original 1950’s aesthetic.

As a sidenote, the Statler Hilton was one of the first hotels to have its ballroom and conference rooms located on the lower floors, all easily accessible by stairs. The staircases were designed with frequent turns and landings, in order not to appear too long and daunting to guests.