RODD FIELD NAVAL AUXILIARY AIR STATION was activated in 1941 and served as a base for Naval Cadet flight training and as an auxiliary airfield for NAS Corpus Christi. Before the Navy declared it excess in 1958, Rodd Field had 4 runways, 75 buildings (everything from hangars to barracks to a chapel), and other perks such as a swimming pool, tennis courts, and machine gun range.

Between 1964 and 1974 part of the airfield was used by NASA, which built the Texas Manned Space Flight Network Tracking Station there. This station was used during the Apollo mission, among other things.

In 1980 some of the former airfield was turned into Bill Witt Park (soccer and softball fields) by the City of Corpus Christi. Another part was turned into an industial park. A few of Rodd Field’s original structures remain though, the largest being this hangar. Although a 1996 Army Corps of Engineers report describes the structure as “an attractive nuisance to teenagers who frequent the public park” and recommended its demolition, the hangar remains. But probably for not much longer; new neigborhoods are being built all around it.

Location: USA / Texas / Corpus Christi

Photography: Winter 2002