THE COUNTRYSIDE surrounding St. Petersburg is dotted with various estates and palaces, many connected with the Imperial Family. The main ensembles are well known and popular with tourists, but most of these sites aren’t.

Photography: 1999–2002

These following pictures are from, I think, an article by Baron N. N. Vrangel “Pomeshchich'ja Rossija” (“Land-owning Russia”), which appeared in the journal “Starye Gody” (“The Old Years”) for July–September 1910 and was republished along with other of his essays as “Starye Usad'by” (“The Old Estates”) by the “Neva” magazine and “Letnij Sad,” St. Petersburg, 2000.

Yellow Drawing Room. Marino.

Portrait Gallery. Marino.

Portrait of Count P.A. Stroganov. Marino.

Portrait of Countess S.A. Stroganova. Marino.